General Rental Terms

Satellite Navigation Hire Terms & Conditions


When hiring satellite navigation, the unit should be active and ready for use.  You will be given the opportunity to inspect the equipment and upon acceptance you agree that the unit and its accessories are in good working order and are free from damage.

1a. We aim to provide You with a good service at all times, however, due to the nature of satellite navigation, it is impossible to provide a fault free service. The quality and coverage of the service is dependant upon various factors and may also be impaired by geographic, atmospheric and other conditions or circumstances beyond Our control. No responsibility will be accepted, or credit given by Us for network transmissions or reception conditions experienced during the rental period.

1b. We will not accept responsibility if the equipment does not use the best route or is not accurate with arrival times or does not get You to Your required destination.

Returning the Equipment

All equipment must be returned to a Europcar Rental Station only.

2a. If the Europcar station is closed on return, the equipment must be placed inside the bag provided and locked inside the boot of the vehicle. The equipment remains in Your responsibility until it is received by the terminating rental station.

2b. A valid Return Receipt is required as proof of return. Inability to provide this documentation will result in the full replacement cost (£244.69) of the equipment being charged to Your credit card.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Equipment

You must take reasonable care to ensure that the unit is not lost, stolen or damaged. In the event Your equipment is lost or stolen, You will be charged £244.69.

3a. In the event of accidental damage, the equipment must be returned to Us and You will be charged up to £244.69.

3b. You are responsible for the replacement of all accessories should any of them be lost, stolen or damaged. The charges are as follows and are all inclusive of VAT: Windscreen Mounting Bracket £14.69, Vehicle Power Adapter £24.47, Carry Case £24.47.

3c. No waiver purchased from Europcar removes Your liability for lost, stolen or damaged units.


For security purposes, all equipment (including accessories) must be locked out of sight from unattended vehicles. In the event of experiencing problems during Your rental period, contact with Our Customer Service team or Your Rental Station must be made immediately upon detecting the problem. No credit will be given if a call is not made to Us or is not made until after the equipment has been returned.

We reserve the right to revise these Terms and Conditions and any rates at any time. Any changes will be communicated to You. By continuing to use the Service, You will be deemed to have accepted the changes. If the revised terms and conditions are not acceptable, You may terminate the Agreement without penalty. To terminate the Agreement, the unit must be returned to a Europcar Rental Station and a Return Receipt obtained.