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Tips for lifting and carrying heavy items

 If you're hiring a van from Europcar to move something heavy or awkward, it's important to know how to lift and carry safely. To avoid injuring your back, legs or arms - or tripping over - we've compiled a checklist of lifting and carrying tips...


What to check before you lift


Lifting a heavy item


Carrying a heavy load


Using a lifting aid or trolley?

Always push rather than pull and use your body weight to help you control the load.

Tie the load down to secure it, if possible.


Hiring a van from Europcar


Terms and conditions:

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Why use Europcar for your short-term and corporate car hire

Why use Europcar for your short-term and corporate car hire

Your business can really benefit from using Europcar for your corporate vehicle hire. You'll get to choose from a large fleet of different car and van types and select flexible car hire options to suit your company. Read on to find out more about short-term and corporate car hire with Europcar... 


Top 5 reasons Europcar vehicle hire is better than a car club:

  1. Wide choice of vehicles - so you can choose a car or van that's fit for purpose.
  2. Each vehicle has a safety and maintenance checks and a professional clean before you get it.
  3. Cars and vans can be delivered to your home or business.
  4. The longer you hire, the more cost-effective it is.
  5. There's no maximum mileage or membership fee.


Top 5 reasons Europcar vehicle hire is better than a fleet of company cars:

  1. You don't have to worry about how much the car will be worth in a couple of years - just hand it back.
  2. We do all the maintenance, servicing and valeting.
  3. We check all cars on a weekly basis - increasingly important because of the changes to the corporate manslaughter legislation.
  4. You can vary the size of you fleet, upscaling or downscaling where necessary.
  5. Your travel costs will be based on actual demand, not predicted demand.


Europcar benefits to your business

We offer a wide range of solutions to help businesses large and small manage their hire use and spend. These include:


Europcar is a full service company, so we give you a wide choice of vehicles - cars, vans, specialist and prestige - and a good network of locations, including airports. 


With over 200 locations, one-way hires and Delivery & Collection service, we provide wide coverage and you're on average just 20 minutes away from a branch.


Online reservations, e-vouchers, e-billing, online management information and online customer service - all designed to make your life easier.


You can reserve cars by phone, fax, email or online - or using a combination of them all.


It's important to us that you meet your corporate policies and guidelines for vehicle hire - in terms of duty of care, the environment and costs. Hire policies are automatically applied and driver profiles pre-filled for online bookings - this speeds up your booking.


Our Delivery & Collection service covers home or business addresses, so hiring a car can fit conveniently into your working day.


The ability to collect a vehicle from one location and return to another can be invaluable if your business makes many one-way trips. Unlike many smaller providers, Europcar has enough branches to offer this time-saving service.


We offer flexible options for medium-term hire for both cars and commercial vehicles. This may be a more cost-effective option in the case of new recruits, and employees on fixed-term contracts. We also offer hourly car hire.


We can offer your employees competitive holiday hire rates for top tourist destinations - a great staff benefit at no cost to your business.


Rates and services for SMEs

SME? The Europcar corporate car hire service is flexible and cost efficient. You can:



Call us on 0870 243 0105 to see what we can do for you.


Very small business with occasional car hire needs? Ask us about our new service, Business Advantage.

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Greener driving tips

 When you hire a car for business you're looking for the best car hire deal you can find. To help you save further, Europcar has put together these top tips for cutting your fuel consumption. As well as saving you money, greener driving is good for the environment too...









  • Turn off your engine in traffic jams: and if you're stuck at the lights for more than a few minutes. This will help you cut emissions and save fuel.


  • Use the air vents: rather than opening the windows - this can reduce fuel consumption by up to 4%. Using your car's air conditioning can use an extra 2 litres of fuel for every 100km you drive.



  • Use cruise control: set your cruise control at 70mph on the motorway - you'll stay at the same speed and won't use a drop more fuel than you need to.


  • Include a tank of fuel when you rent a car: if you're hiring a car for 5 days or more why not buy a tank of fuel as part of the price? We charge 5p below the average pump price and you can return the car empty at the end of your rhire. Find out more about full tank option

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Latest business hire trends - save money by getting the most out of your hire car

Make sure your company travel doesn't cost more than needs to with our handy tips...








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Great rates on luxury car hire for special summer events

Choose an Audi TTS, Mercedes CLS or many more cool wheels...


Turn heads and inspire envy this summer with a sleek and stylish set of wheels hired from Prestige from Europcar. The fleet includes executive, luxury, performance, convertible and 4x4 vehicles.


A luxury car is the perfect finishing touch for this season's weddings, parties and sporting events. It's also the only way to travel for a memorable break on the coast or in the stunning UK countryside with sun filled days and balmy nights. Whatever the occasion, Prestige from Europcar makes the smallest occasion a really big deal.


With Prestige from Europcar it's now easy to get behind the wheel of a car that exudes style and status. Choose from:


Hiring a luxury car is the new way to indulge yourself and bring a bit of glamour into your life. Simply select the vehicle to suit your special occasion or weekend away and book online.


Tempted? Choose your wheels...

If you want the wind through your hair, go for the Porsche Boxster or Audi A3 convertible. For comfort and sophistication choose the Audi A5. If you want to really mean business go for the Mercedes CLS or Jaguar XF.


Our vehicles on the fleet are on average just 3 months from new, fitted with state of the art technology, leather seats and gleaming paintwork that's just begging to be shown off.


Prestige from Europcar is available from 11 locations across the UK: Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol, Belfast and London.


To celebrate the launch, Prestige from Europcar is offering 2 special rates:

  • the Audi TT is now £599 for a 3-day weekend
  • the Mercedes CLS is now £489 for a 3-day weekend


Find out more and book your prestige car or call us on 0871 384 1153

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