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Can I earn Frequent Traveller miles with my Europcar rental ?

If you are a member of a frequent flyer programme, and Europcar is a partner of this programme, all your qualifying Europcar rentals earn miles according to a pre-defined miles grid. To make sure your Frequent Flyer Miles are credited, please provide your Frequent Flyer details on the booking page of your online reservation and present your membership card at time of rental. Please review our Partners section to see how many miles or points can be earned for each of our partners, what is considered as a qualifying rental, and obtain any other information. Please note that the same main driver cannot earn miles for more than one rental at any time. Only one rental can be recorded.

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Can I receive Frequent Traveller miles or points on Previous Rentals ?

"To receive mileage credit for rentals which took place within the last 6 months*, please send a proof of your travel (ex. Boarding pass, hotel reservation, train ticket…) and rental record to Europcar International, Partnerships FFP reclamation team IRDC, 3 avenue du Centre, 78881 St Quentin en Yvelines Cedex, FRANCE or * Some partners allow retroactive mileage credit for different periods. Please refer to your Frequent Flyer Programme membership guide."

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