Top Five Activities in Cork

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Fota Wildlife Park:

Fota Island is home to the most visited attraction in Co. Cork, Fota Wildlife Park. In the Park is a  collection of nearly one hundred species of animals and birds. Many mammals, such as lemurs and squirrel monkeys, run free with visitors while larger creatures, such as giraffe and bison. roam their enormous paddocks as they would in the wild. The park also boasts cheetahs, zebras, gibbons, ostriches and many more exotic species. There is an education centre that teaches all about the Park's inhabitants and their natural habitats, and a cheetah run where the fast cats can get up to speed chasing their food on a lure.

The Jameson Experience:

Located in  Middleton, Co. Cork, are the Old Cork Distilleries Company's premises that house the Jameson Experience. Though the distillery ceased production after 150 years in 1975 and moved to a new location, the buildings were preserved to give an unforgettable tour through the history and making of Jameson Whiskey. The tour takes in the kilns, mills, maltings, water wheels, still house and every other aspect of creating the famous spirit, ending with a complimentary glass of Jameson, and there is a special, well-stocked shop for those who aren't satisfied with just the one.

History and Heritage Tours:

Cork City and Co. Cork offer several tours devoted to the history and heritage of the area, including The Historic Stroll in Old Kinsale and the Kinsale Heritage Walks, that take you deep into the ancient history of Kinsale; Cork Historic Walking Tours, which give amazing insight into the history and significance of the buildings throughout the town; The George Boole Tour, that explains the life and genius of George Boole, and examines his time spent teaching at Cork University; or why not just tour Cork harbour yourself? Many companies offer self-drive boat hire that enables visitors to experience the harbour and the surrounding islands entirely at their own pace.

Activity Days:

Activity Days is based in Blarney, Cork providing a wide range of guided activities in Cork city and county. We can organise boat trips at sea, on rivers or lakes, whale watching and sea safari trips off the scenic coastline, kayaking, surfing, walking and food tour guides all over Co. Cork. A food tour in Cork city will show you the richness of the area’s food offering. Get to know the area like a local.

Cork City Market:

In the oldest tradition, Cork City Market is a lively, noisy and colourful collection of market stalls that offer local fresh meats, cheeses, fish and seafood, vegetables and assorted other items. Mix with the local characters buying their groceries, or go for breakfast in the upstairs cafe. Surrounded by other local shops, the Cork City Market is a thriving example of Irish local culture and a glimpse into a simpler time in the not-too-distant past.

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