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Europcar is proud to offer two rental centres so far in Albania, one in the capital Tirana and one at Triana International Airport Mother Theresa. So, whether you're on a short break, a full family vacation or just travelling on business, we can help get you where you need to go. Useful services, like easy online booking, express pick-up, optional satellite navigation, child seats and additional driver cover, can help to make your driving experience around any of Albania's beautiful country a pleasure. Plus, Europcar's fleet of safe and reliable vehicles is always there so you can select the hire car that best meets your requirements, however many passengers, however much luggage, or whatever size budget you have.

Albania has been characterised as 'Europe's Last Secret', as it's remained relatively untouched by tourism up until very recently, when publications like the Huffington Post and the Lonely Planet started praising its virtues to the travelling public. The country's unspoilt beaches and mountain backdrops, ancient culture and Cold War historical sites now bring visitors from all over Europe. Albania also uses many national parks to preserve its most impressive natural scenery, and these are very popular with walkers and hikers. With the entire coastline edged by the Adriatic Sea, Albania enjoys a wonderful southern Mediterranean climate. However, it can get cooler the further inland you go, thanks to the mountain elevation. Greater than 30% of the country is woodland, which includes vast stretches of oak, beech, fir, and pine forests, containing brown bears, wild boar, grey wolves and endangered lynx. Albania suffered for a long time under communist rule, but since that time it has been recently recognised as one of Europe's 'must visit' destinations.

The City of Tirana - The capital city is a young in comparison to many places in ancient Albania, being founded in the 17th century and only designated capital as late as 1920 due to its central location, safe from invading neighbours, and it being close to the Shkumbin River that roughly separates the two main tribes, the Ghegs and the Tosks. The city brought in Italian architects to revitalise the city centre when it became the capital, and the results are a beautiful walking city with brightly coloured architecture and the spectacular Skanderbeg square in the centre. The Et'hem Bey Mosque, on the edge of the square, is the only remaining link to the cities past in the Ottoman Empire. Tirana is also filled with excellent eating, drinking and shopping facilities.

The City of Berat - The historical Berat, known as the Museum City of Albania, sits 8000 feet up in the south central mountains, overlooked by a 2500-year-old castle. Amongst the rich tableau in Berat are Byzantine churches, skilled tradesmen still practising their traditional methods of stone-masonry, leather-working and wood-carving, and the famous 'City of a Thousand Windows', made up from the Mangalemi and Gorica neighbourhoods which face each other over the Osum River. Berat is known as a wonderful city to experience the slower pace of Albanian life.

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Tirana Airport
Address: Tirana International Airport, Rinas, Tirana, Albania.
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A: Rruga, 29 Nentori, Perballe Ish. Tirana, Albania.
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