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With seven locations serving the Republic of Serbia: two in Belgrade and one in Nikola Tesla International Airport, just outside Belgrade; one in Pristina and one in Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari; one in Niš Constantine the Great Airport; and one in Novi Sad, Europcar is fully prepared to meet and exceed all of your car hire demands. Our vast fleet of comfortable, safe and reliable vehicles is on hand and there to cater for any size party or budget, while helpful services and options like express pick-up, easy 3-step online booking, child seats, satellite navigation and additional driver cover, are available to help make sure that whatever challenges meet you during your visit to Serbia, getting from A to B will not be among them.

Serbia is known as a warm and welcoming country that was, in the 80s, an important visitor destination. After the break-up of Yugoslavia hit the nation's tourism industry hard, it has been recovering of late and now welcomes nearly one million visitors per year. Serbia has been gifted its own set of Seven Wonders, made up from Belgrade Fortress, the Šargan Eight heratage railway, Visoki Dečani and Studenica monasteries, the Gamzigrad Roman compounds, the Church of Saint Sava and Subotica City Hall. Serbia also has a list of seven official Natural Wonders, which are the Drina River, the Uvac River, the Đavolja Varoš rock formation, Tara National Park, the Iron Gate gorge, the Vratna Gates and the Fruška Gora mountian and national park.

The City of Belgrade - Serbia's capital city is famous for its historic buildings and sights, including: the Skadarlija, a vintage street in the Bohemian quarter; Nikola Pašić Square; the 6th century Kalemegdan Fortress that sits on the end of the Šumadija ridge, 400 feet up in the air; Student's Square; Knez Mihailova Street; the Church of Saint Sava, whose bells can be heard through the whole city; the Old Palace; and the National Theatre with the National Museum next to it. The island of Ada Cignlija, now joined to the city by causeways that create an artificial lagoon, has become a massive sports and recreation complex, offering facilities for golf, tennis and football as well as bungee jumping and water skiing, and four miles of beaches that can expect 200-300,000 visitors per day in the summer. Belgrade's nightlife has a reputation that extends beyond the country's boundaries, attracting party-goers from Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina by its vibrant barge-clubs, bars, great atmosphere and cheap drink prices.

The Zlatibor Region - The gentle roll of the Tara and Šargan mountains lends this region a romantic feel, making a delightful place to relax. Walking and hiking through the Murtenica hills are popular pastimes, as is skiing. The town of Zlatibor itself offers visitors all the sights, shopping, restaurants and après ski that visitors could want, while there are beautiful quaint villages dotted through the region for those still searching for a little extra peace.

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Address: Minsk International Airport, Gate 1-2 Arrival, 220054, Minsk, Belarus.
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