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Terminalstrasse Mitte, Airportcenter Ebene 3, 85356, Muenchen-Flughafen, Germany.
Phone: +49 (89) 9735020 Fax: +49 (89) 97350266
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Munich Airport details


Terminalstrasse Mitte Airportcenter Ebene 3

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Phone: +49 (89) 9735020 Fax: +49 (89) 97350266

Opening hours

Mon 00:00-06:29* 06:30-23:59

Tue 00:00-06:29* 06:30-23:59

Wed 00:00-06:29* 06:30-23:59

Thu 00:00-06:29* 06:30-23:59

Fri 00:00-06:29* 06:30-23:59

Sat 00:00-06:29* 06:30-23:59

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Munich Airport location

Munich, Germany’s second city, is a top destination for tourists from around the world. Famous for its beautiful architecture, fine culture, nightlife and of course annual beer festival Oktoberfest. The city has a lot to offer to all comers of different tastes and desires.

Munich’s architecture is a fantastic mix of old and new. Following the damage to the city caused due to Allied bombings in World War 2, huge investment was put into rebuilding and new modern developments. The city centre now appears mostly as it did in the 1800’s, many visitors are awestruck by the quality of this architecture. The dominant style in the city is Baroque, but you can find remnants of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance style buildings. The city’s main architectural attractions are the beautiful plethora of churches, palaces and secular buildings.

Museums and Galleries in Munich are both plentiful and splendid adding to the rich culture the city is known for. The main museums in the city are the Deutsches Museums that specialise in natural and scientific exhibitions. A must visit area for art lovers is located near Munich’s English Gardens where visitors will find a trio of museums, each specialising in a different era ranging from medieval art to modern contemporary pieces.

Munich is a very culturally active city as one can find a host of orchestras, ensembles, opera houses and theatre. Performing arts enthusiasts will feel right at home in the city that takes huge pride in its cultural entertainment.

One of the main tourist attractions is Munich’s annual beer festival; Oktoberfest. The festival dates back to its founding in 1810 and has ran ever since. The festival lasts 16 days and boasts a funfair atmosphere which is of course paired with a lot of beer drinking. The festival draws a crowd of 5-7 million tourists each year. If you’re visiting Munich in late September the festival is well worth a visit whether or not you’re there to partake in the drinking culture.

There are a huge number of restaurants, bars and pubs in Munich and you'll find something for every price range or taste. In the city visitors will find a mix of local tastes and international flavours. After dark the city truly comes alive as it offers one of the most vibrant nightlives in Europe. Tourists will enjoy visiting the numerous beer cellars and beer gardens located throughout the city, and for those looking to party long into the night there are many nightclub options available.

Munich has a lot to offer to shoppers. Several of Munich's major shopping areas are located in the City Centre. This includes Neuhauser Strasse and Kaufinger Strasse with department stores and branches of international fashion chains, the luxury shopping areas around Maximilianstrasse, Theatinerstrasse, Residenzstrasse and Brienner Strasse and Viktualienmarkt with the adjacent Schrannenhalle, where merchants offer fresh and specialty products in small market booths.

Europcar are based in the Munich Airport, 35 kilometres from the city centre, and is an ideal location to begin your adventure in this historic city and its surrounding areas. Our location can cater to leisure customers and business customers, availing of the flexible short, medium and long term business fleet management service offered by Europcar and customers renting a van.

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  • Express pick-up service available
  • Easy 3-step online booking: search, select, book
  • New, comfortable rental car fleet
  • Award-winning car rental company
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, short and long term car rental

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