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Athens Syngrou Avenue details

49 Sygrou Avenue, Aprx 2km From Athens Constitut.sqr, 11742, Athens, Greece.
Phone: +30 (210) 9211444 Fax: +30 (210) 9211445
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  • Mon 08:30-21:00 Tue 08:30-21:00 Wed 08:30-21:00 Thu 08:30-21:00
  • Fri 08:30-21:00 Sat 08:30-21:00 Sun 08:30-21:00

Athens Syngrou Avenue details


49 Sygrou Avenue Aprx 2km From Athens Constitut.sqr

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Phone: +30 (210) 9211444 Fax: +30 (210) 9211445

Opening hours

Mon 08:30-21:00

Tue 08:30-21:00

Wed 08:30-21:00

Thu 08:30-21:00

Fri 08:30-21:00

Sat 08:30-21:00

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Athens Syngrou Avenue location

Greece's capital city of Athens is home to several branches of Europcar. And of course, Europcar's huge fleet of modern, safe, and reliable vehicles, which includes models to fit any size party or budgets, is always available. Choose from optional extra features like child seats, satellite navigation and extra driver cover, plus helpful services like 3-step easy online booking and express pick-up. So, if you are looking to use Athens as a base to strike out around the rest of Greece, or just want to be able to easily and conveniently need to negotiate the city and outlying regions, Europcar's first class customer service is always on hand to help you start your trip off in the smoothest possible way.

Athens, the legendary Greek city-state and so-called cradle of western civilisation, has a recorded history going back 3400 years and is claimed to have had settlers living there as far back as 11,000 BC. The birthplace of democracy and the historic centre of philiosophy, with both Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum founded there, few cities can claim to have had such an impact on European culture. These days Athens City is home to over 650,000 people, with another three million in the surrounding region. The city is is filled with classical era monuments and landmarks from the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations, and is a major archeological hub. This has given rise to many popular museums around the city, all exhibiting thousands of artefacts from the ancient civilisation. However, Athen's climate, friendly population and proximity to the sea, also makes it an enormously popular holiday destination as well, thus it boasts a huge collection of restaurants and bars, and a healthy nightlife.

The Acropolis - This world famous citadel, built into a rocky outcrop above Athens, houses a collection of structures, buildings, monuments and ruins that date as far back as fifth century BC. The Parthenon, temples to Athena - the Goddess and protector of the city - and Zeus, Odeon open-air theatres and many more statues and sanctuaries can be found in the Acropolis, which almost hums with ancient history and legend. Just down from the hill is the Acropolis Museum and restaurant.

The Marketplace of Agora - Back in the days of Plato and Socrates, Agora was the heart of public Athenian life. Now a major archaeological site, the excavations have uncovered temples, halls and colonnaded arcades, as well as hundreds of smaller artefacts now on display in the on site museum.

Mount Lycabettus - A mountainous peak that towers nearly 750 feet over the city offers fantastic views across the entire Attica region as far out as the Aegean Sea, and thus all of Athens stretched out beneath it. Lycabettus has a viewing platform ideal for taking in the sights, that are said to be most spectacular at twilight, and it can be reached by hiking up the winding path or by taking the funicular railway.

Why choose Europcar in Athens Syngrou Avenue

  • Express pick-up service available
  • Easy 3-step online booking: search, select, book
  • New, comfortable rental car fleet
  • Award-winning car rental company
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, short and long term car rental

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