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With 78 Europcar locations in Switzerland, we can ensure that whatever region you find yourself in, a world class car hire solution is on hand to assist. Europcar's huge fleet of comfortable, safe and reliable vehicles is always available, with useful services such as express pick-up and 3-step online booking, as well as optional extras like child seats, satellite navigation and additional driver cover are there if you need them. Always nearby, with cars to suit any budget or requirement and the experience and expertise that comes from being one of the worlds leading car hire firms, Europcar are ready to help you make the most of your trip.

Surrounded by an eclectic mix of European cultures, a trip to Switzerland is like visiting a little of France, Germany and Italy all in one. A popular destination for both winter and summer sports enthusiasts, thanks in part to the wonderful surroundings of almost 100 mountains, huge glaciers, beautiful green valleys, vast lakes and rivers bordering rolling meadows and cities, towns and villages that offer a wealth of history, such as castles, bridges and medieval buildings. With a climate that can vary from alpine to subtropical are regions with differences just as marked, especially when it comes to the cuisine. German influences like sausages and rosti mix with Italian pastas and risottos, as well as French-style breads wines and Swiss cheeses. Add this to a country that has a name forever linked with chocolate, and that's plenty of reasons to visit right there. And that's without mentioning the legendary alpine roads that help make Switzerland such an amazing driving destination.

The Matterhorn – This monstrous peak, reaching nearly 15,000 feet into the air, is said to be the most photographed mountain in the world. Inseparably linked with Switzerland and notoriously difficult to climb, even for the very best mountaineers, the Matterhorn is a quintessential part of the typical Swiss scene. First climbed in 1865, a feat that cost the lives of four of the seven climbers, the mountain now watches over the towns and resorts below, benevolently. The Klein-Matterhorn, or 'Little Matterhorn', sits next to its bigger brother and is reached on a funicular railway. Once on the Klein-Matterhorn, a cable car can take you to the mountain proper. Landing at 12,500 feet, it's the highest cable car station in the alps.

Gruyères – A small, picturesque town in the Fribourg region that has attempted to preserve its medieval feel since it was founded over 800 years ago, which happens to have a diverse collection of attractions within its boundaries: The Broc Maison Cailler Chocolate factory, which showcases the specific manufacturing processes that go into the world famous chocolate; Moléson-Sur-Gruyères Mountain Cheese Dairy and Gruyères La Maison Du Gruyère that allow visitors to discover the traditions of Swiss cheesemaking; The Castle museum dedicated to the history and architecture of the town; The Tibet museum that exhibits over 300 Buddhist sculptures, pictures and ritual works from throughout the Himalayas; and a museum to the Oscar-winning creator of the 'Alien', H. R. Giger, that also shows his fantastic collection of art.


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Geneva Cointrin Airport Gva (ch)
Address: Cointrin Airport (swiss Side), Bp 248, 1215, Geneva, Switzerland.
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Gstaad Saanen, Railway Saanen
A: C/o Goldenpass Railway Station. 3792, Saanen, Switzerland.
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