The top trattoria trip for food-lovers

Midnight Snack.

Driving your rented car around Lombardy will make you discover splendid lakes, medieval cities and majestic mountains. But you cannot just tour the roads of the Northern region of Italy without savouring its food, one of the best in the world. That means, you will have to head to a trattoria, a typical restaurant offering local food at bargain prices. 

Your followers need to understand how just awesome your life is

After taking some super natural selfies in front of the Duomo, the Scala and the Last Supper painting, you can keep on promoting your perfect lifestyle at the Antica Trattoria della Pesa one of the oldest restaurants in Milan. This family-owned trattoria serves a delicious “Ossobuco” in a delightful antique setting. Whatever you choose, everything will look incredible, even with no filter. 

Viale Pasubio 10, Milan 

Pizza Time On The Roof

You want to cherish your belly

If walking through Varese, the city home to the Sacro Monte di Varese (“the Sacred Mountain of Varese”) is too much for you, hop in your rented car for a 30-minute drive to the hilltop village of Jerago. At Vecchia Osteria Monte Rosa, the Bistecca alla Fiorentina will make you swoon while you discreetly undo the top button of your dad jeans.
Via Indipendenza 34, Jerago Con Orago

You long to forget your office canteen food you have eaten all year long

And you also want to tour Como and its lake to spot a famous grey-haired movie star. Well, you can get over your disappointment at Antica Trattoria del Risorgimento. In this secluded trattoria, you can feast on asparagus with Parmesan and succulent gnocchi while reading about this famous grey-haired actor in a gossip magazine.
Via Sant’Abbondio 8, Azzano di Mezzegra

You are travelling without your quinoa-obsessed boyfriend

You will call to tell him Bergamo’s medieval Città Alta is a must-see. You will send him pictures of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Then you will feast on local cuisine at Trattoria d’Ambrosio. Unfortunately, while you are eating Casoncelli alla bergamasca, your phone will mysteriously stop working.

Via Broseta, 58, Bergamo

Chef Preparing Pizza

You are having a quarter-life crisis and food is good for the soul

You need to think about the meaning of life at Capitolino temple in Brescia. Then, you can ponder over existentialism while staring at Culatello (a local type of ham) hanging from the ceiling at Trattoria Buca. 

Viale della Stazione, Brescia

You read a serious study that says eating pasta may help you lose weight

Who knows that Mantua is surrounded by artificial lakes and gorgeous landscapes? The only reason you are heading there is because it was chosen as the European Capital of Gastronomy in 2017. So why don’t you start your carb diet at Trattoria La Stella by devouring its heavenly Tortelli alla zucca ?

Via della Libertà, 129, Soave Di Porto Mantovano

You don’t have time to cook a healthy meal

It is time to experience a real lunch at Antica Trattoria Ferrari in Pavia, a city renowned for its old red bricks churches. In this rustic restaurant, you will discover the wonder of homemade food and local products. Once you have tasted its excellent Risotto Pere e Gorgonzola, you can never go back to processed food again. Or your parents’ kitchen. 

Via dei Mille, 111, Pavia

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