Jaguar Rental: Full of Style and Class

With a Jaguar car rental you’re guaranteed an experience full of style and executive class. Jaguar is the epitome of British class and sophistication. For one of the most luxurious rides in town, a Jaguar is a sure bet. Every detail of the Jaguar driving experience is designed to please and with your Jaguar car rental you will be guaranteed to have a memorable drive.

Jaguar, a Classic British car

Jaguar was first created in 1935 by William Lyons, who set the benchmark for this incredible combination of beauty and performance. Jaguars are easily one of the most recognisable makes of car, with their distinctive sleek lines and luxurious interiors. Jaguar pays attention to all aspects of the car, from the seats to the dashboard, from the steering wheel to the suspension. Everything targets a pleasurable driving experience.

Cutting-edge technology combined with luxury

Although Jaguar is among the top-selling luxury automobiles, they still set the bar high for their technological developments. Their engineers are currently using VR engineering tools in order to create Jaguars which are even more reliable and durable than their predecessors. Even though the company is clearly looking towards the future, its heart has stayed the same: elegance, sophistication and a beautiful driving experience.

Renting a Jaguar with Europcar

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated, elegant ride or a city car to go from A to B, Europcar is here to help. We currently have 3,835 Europcar locations in over 140 countries worldwide. Our fleet is regularly renewed and includes city cars, electric vehicles and prestige cars as well as vans and trucks. With our app you can confirm your rental and have a speedy check-in. We also have a loyalty program for our regular customers, where you can enjoy discounts and benefits.