Kia Rental: Quality and Durability

Kia is an award-winning Korean car manufacturer. An offshoot of Hyundai, their cars are known for their quality and durability and they are an industry-leader in their focus on durability. Whether you’re planning a drive in the country or you need a mid-size sedan for the city, Kia will have a model which suits your needs. For your Kia car rental look no further than Europcar.

Quality and Durability

Kia started life as a bicycle manufacturer in 1944. After that, they expanded into the automobile industry and they have been on the American market since 1994. They were a World Car Awards winner in 2020 and are leading the industry with their 10-year / 100,000 mile warranty program. They are not simply investing in their cars’ durability, they are guaranteeing it. 

Technology and Safety

Kia invests a lot of time and energy into making their vehicles as safe as possible. They use ultra-high tensile steel for the vehicle body which means the car can be lighter, while increasing the rigidity of the structure. The result for the driver is a driving experience with better fuel efficiency and increased crash safety.

Your Kia Car Rental

Whether you’re looking for an SUV or a mid-size sedan, Kia has a range of vehicles to suit your needs and you can find a selection of them at Europcar. We constantly renew our fleet and you can find a range of cars and electric vehicles for your city driving. If you are looking for something more elegant, you can also check out our selection of prestige vehicles. You can book your rental and even check-in with our app and with 3,835 Europcar locations in over 140 countries worldwide, you are sure to find a Europcar location near you.