Opel Rental: Reliable and Robust

Opel is a German car manufacturer that makes good, reliable family cars. When you think of German cars, you tend to think of BMW or Audi for example, but Opel has been quietly producing cars since 1862. Opel has a solid range of SUVs including the Mokka and the Crossland as well as hatchbacks. If you’re looking for a reliable rental for the city or a weekend away, an Opel car rental is an excellent choice.

The Opel Corsa and Astra

These two models are the flagship models of the brand. While the Opel Corsa is a compact 5-door hatchback, the Astra offers more cargo space and is similar in size to the Ford Focus or the SEAT Leon.
  • The Opel Astra is considered one of the best family hatchbacks in what is a very competitive sector.

More than just hatchbacks

Opel has also expanded into the SUV market with the Mokka, the Crossland and the Grandland X. The Crossland is an SUV crossover model which is perfect for urban driving or longer distances. The Mokka exists in an electric version which can reach 322 kilometres on a single charge, while the Grandland X also has a hybrid version. Opel’s SUVs are fun and stylish and are perfect for a weekend getaway with the family.

Renting an Opel with Europcar

At Europcar we constantly renew our fleet, meaning you’re sure to find a vehicle to suit you. We’re present in over 140 countries and have 3,835 locations. Our fleet includes city cars, electric vehicles, prestige cars as well as vans and trucks. You can make your check-in easier by using the Europcar app. Our rental contracts offer you flexibility, with daily, weekly or monthly options. Plus we have a loyalty program for our regular customers with discounts and benefits. So, for your next Opel car rental check out Europcar.