Suzuki rental: Discover our fleet

Superior value

The Suzuki Group has the motto "Develop products of superior value by focusing on the customer" in the first paragraph of its mission statement. The group will continuously strive for manufacturing of truly valuable products and service by working on a lean and efficient sound management, under compliance and with safety and quality first.

Stylish and a whole lot of fun

When you first see our Suzuki range of vehicles you’ll love the sleek, distinctive design — and when you step inside and start the engine you’ll really love the feeling. Suzuki is for people with a passion for driving, an eye for detail and who aren’t afraid to make their mark on the city.

Renting a Suziki with Europcar

With Europcar, your Suziki car rental couldn’t be easier. We regularly update our fleet as well as offering a range of city cars, electric vehicles, prestige vehicles in addition to vans. We have 3,835 locations in over 140 countries and with the Europcar app you can even check-in online. Whatever rental you need, you’re sure to find the drive you want with Europcar.