How to choose the right size rental car ?

At Europcar, our extensive fleet ranges from small cars (ideal for driving and parking in the city) up to SUVs and 7 seaters to rent for a specific event, and everything in between. We follow a professional classification (called the ACRISS codes) to group our rental cars. You will find some information below to help you pick the perfect car model for your next trip.
Find the rental car of your choice by selecting it by type, by brand or by seats depending on your needs.

Rent a small car for fuel-efficiency

Classified as mini or economy cars, those vehicles are usually small, allowing for no more than four or five passengers and a couple of standard-sized suitcases in the boot. Some of the most rented mini cars at Europcar Ireland include a Hyundai i10, Dacia Sandero or Kia Picanto, and in the economy category, you will find the Toyota Yaris, Renault Clio, Skoda Fabia or Nissan Micra - to name but a few.
These small cars are ideal if you are traveling alone or with one or two other people, if you need excellent fuel economy in urban areas, or if you are not so comfortable behind the wheel of a larger car or parking in narrow parking spots.

Rent a sedan for more comfort

A sedan or a compact car will always come with four doors. It will offer you a little more legroom and storage space than an economy car to accommodate a small family. Popular models are Toyota Corolla, Renault Megane, Hyundai Kona or Bayon, Opel Astra or Seat Arona.
You can comfortably fit five people with some luggage in a full-size car, and usually enjoy a better fuel consumption thanks to the bigger engine especially if you are driving for several hours on the motorway. You will get an upgrade in comfort with all vehicles being equipped with air-conditioning, perfect for handling longer journeys during the summer.

Rent a family car or Multi-Purpose Vehicle to travel with a small group

Family cars provide extra space in the passenger compartment as well as in the boot and therefore extra legroom. The back seats can be folded down to make extra boot space if you require room for more than two suitcases.
Considered as full-size rental cars, they are ideal for larger parties and big families, if you need the extra space to ensure everyone’s comfort. They are great for transporting elderly passengers, or smaller groups travelling with extra luggage. Examples of family cars available at Europcar Ireland are Opel Insignia or Skoda Octavia.
Another type of family car is multi-purpose vehicles, or people carriers. These are typically a large hatchback with seating for six or more. They are bigger and more practical than regular hatchbacks. Typical MPV models on our fleet are Citroen C4 Picasso, Volkswagen Caddy or Renault Scenic.

Rent a SUV

When you need all the space you can get, you will want to rent a SUV. These are great rentals for family outings, vacations with a large group or cross-country adventures where you will need maximum cargo space for luggage and gear.
Europcar Ireland offers a large choice of SUVs including the Hyundai Tucson, Toyota Rav 4 or Peugeot 5008.