Discover Spain

And enjoy the springtime

Drive an automatic and save!

Get ready for the getaway you exactly need! If you believe that variety is what tastes like, rent a car that is different from the rest. From a Renault Zoe or similar, through a Volkswagen Golf or similar and ending with a Tesla Model 3, one of our Electric Selection. ⚡😏
Choose to drive an automatic car to forget about the gears and enjoy quietly behind the wheel. Dare to break the routine this winter and make your getaways with a 10% discount. For all your bookings until 30 June. Do not lose this chance!  

No hidden fees

24h assistance

Wide range of vehicles

24/7 service

Terms & conditions

  • Offer valid under the specific conditions below for bookings until 30/06/2023. Offer valid under the specific conditions below for check-outs until 30/06/2023.
  • 10% discount for the following models of vehicles with automatic transmission: EDAR, IDAR, IFAR, CDAH, IFAH, MDAE, EXAE, CDAE, PDAE, UGAE, RGAE, WGAE.
  • Offer valid for rentals in Spain only