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Can I take out additional covers or protections?
Additional and extended covers may be purchased at the counter at start of rental.
Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle prior leaving the location?
Yes, you have to check that the vehicle condition report reflects the actual vehicle condition. If an apparent defect is not listed, please proceed to a joint examination of the vehicle with the Europcar employee, in order to update the rental agreement.
May I use my credit card coverage?
Some credit cards may entitle their holders to a degree of cover for damage to, or loss of, the rental vehicle. We are happy to recognise such cards and for the card-holder, in such a case, not to avail himself of the protections set out above and to stand liable for any damage to, or loss of, our vehicle. 
Please, however, be aware of the following: - If you elect to be covered by your card and decline Europcar's protections, you are also declining Europcar's recovery service from liable third parties. - The extent of coverage provided by credit cards varies and is usually subject to certain restrictions, in particular concerning the maximum length of rental and the type of vehicle which can be covered. - Europcar strongly advise you to contact your Credit Card organisation before rental and provide details/proof of your coverage when arriving at the at the Europcar rental location.
How can I locate the nearest Europcar rental location?
Click here to check our worldwide location details and maps.
Will there be a deposit taken with my credit card when I pick up the car?
We need to estimate the car rental charges and obtain an authorisation number from your bank. The estimate is based upon:
- Expected length of rental
- Applicable rate including tax - Incidental charges such as gasoline, etc.
This amount is not debited. It is held on cardholder’s bank account until the final rental charge amount is debited.
However there can be exceptions in some countries. Please see our general rental information for more detail. Deposits and rentals paid in cash are limited within the Europcar network (where cash deposits are accepted they must be accompanied by additional forms of proof of identity - please check with your Europcar reservations office).
What is the Credit Card Currency Conversion (or dynamic currency conversion) service?
Credit Card Currency Conversion is a service proposed to foreign travellers, Visa and MasterCard cardholders, renting abroad. It enables them to benefit from a currency conversion whilst paying with their card. The currency conversion is processed by Europcar instead of the customer card issuing bank.
In addition, the renter will benefit from transparency of fees (only 2.75% currency conversion fee per transaction), and a currency conversion receipt will be available on (Section My Europcar -Print Invoices) following car rental.
This service is available in 10 European countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom).
Please click on Credit Card Currency Conversion service to download our flyer.  
What documents do I need to present at the Europcar counter when I pick up my car?
 "You will need to present to our customer representative:
1) your normal driving licence, issued by your country of residence (N.B. For licence holders from the UK, where the driving licence and DVLA code, both parts of the licence need to be presented) and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions.
It will be requested at every rental. In addition to your normal Driving Licence, your International Driving Licence is also mandatory if your driving licence is written in a language different to the one of the renting country and/or in characters that can not be read in the renting country. Note that your International Driving Licence is valid only if accompanied by your normal Driving Licence. Driving Licences must be valid in the country of rental.
2) your identification document such as your passport (or your national identity card) may also be required for some destinations and / or a utility bill issued less than 3 months ago and showing the same address as on the utility bill. Within the countries of the European Union, identification documents are generally not requested from drivers resident in the European Union, except in some specific cases, such as certain special or luxury vehicles.
3) your valid credit card with an expiry date after the due check-in date or a valid Europcar charge card. If you use a Europcar prepaid voucher as means of payment (with a specified value or the mention 'Group & Days apply'), you must also present a credit card for those charges which have not been prepaid (such as extras, refuelling charge, excess due in the event of damage to or loss of the rented vehicle). Please check the list of accepted credit cards in the country rental conditions.
NOTE: Points 1) and 2) are applicable to all additional drivers, if any."  
Can I reprint my Invoice?
You can now download past invoices online (up to 6 months back) with your Europcar ID and password OR with the credit/debit card used for payment. You need to go "My Europcar / Print invoices" (Your Europcar ID can be found on your Europcar card or on your latest rental agreement.)
Invoice reprints are only possible for completed rentals (returned car) which took place in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United-Kingdom.
This feature is NOT available for rentals taking place in any country not listed above. However, please note that this feature is now available for rentals charged to a third party (your company, your travel agent).
My driving licence has been stolen; can I present a theft declaration instead?
Under certain restrictive conditions, the declaration of theft or loss of the licence may be accepted if the issue date is sufficiently recent in terms of local legislation and if the local conditions are fulfilled (to be checked locally).
Is there a minimum / maximum age for renting a vehicle with Europcar?
In most countries, you must be aged 21 or over to rent a car and in any case have held a driving licence for at least one year. However, the age requirements may vary according to the country and to the vehicle category considered. A Young Driver Surcharge may be applicable in some instances. For online bookings, this information can be found in the pages concerning the Specific Terms per country and the rates. This information will also be given to you automatically if you entered the site quoting your Europcar driver ID.
Can I book a vehicle and pay for it even if I won’t be the person who picks it up and drives it?
No, the Credit Card holder who pre-paid the booking has to be the main driver (renter) as this will be mentioned on the rental agreement. Please refer to Europcar Prepayment Terms and Conditions.
If I have forgotten my driving licence, can I nevertheless take the vehicle?
No. The driving licence is mandatory for renting a vehicle.
What do I need to provide for renting a luxury or special vehicle?
For luxury and special models two credit cards (including at least one major credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club) are required and an authorisation will be requested on each.
What is a Rental Agreement?
The rental agreement is the formal contract, signed by Europcar and the customer (Renter) at the time of check-out, which shows the terms of the rental, the vehicle statement and the rate applied.
Can the station agent explain the vehicle's controls to me?
When picking up your rented vehicle, feel free to ask the station agent to explain to you its main controls.

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