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How will I receive commission payments?
Commission is paid in the same manner as when you reserve via any other Europcar booking channel: after the rental has been completed it will be sent to your bank electronically or directly to your offices by bank cheque.
Can I make online reservations with Europcar?
Yes, if your IATA/TIDs is registered with Europcar you can make online reservations via the Business Center section of our Europcar sites. You can also view, modify or cancel existing reservations via the same Business Center section.
Can I obtain commission if I book online with Europcar?
Yes. Your standard or pre-agreed commission plans automatically apply when you reserve online
What do I do if Europcar does not have my IATA / ABTA number on file?
Please fill in our online contact form.
How do I find the location code for Europcar locations?
You can find Europcar 6-character codes on or using the Worldwide Locations section of your local Europcar website, and retrieve information on the location you require.
Where can I obtain a hard copy listing of Europcar worldwide locations?
Please contact us specifying your request in the mail.

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