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What is an ACRISS or Sipp Code?
ACRISS is the Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards, of which Europcar is a member. The ACRISS codes are the vehicle category codes and are established to help provide common standards for use when booking car rental services through automated booking systems. These codes are also called Sipp Codes (Standard Interline Passenger Procedure) as defined by the Acriss.
Can I rent a van with Europcar?
Trucks/vans are available in selected countries at selected locations. Please review our Fleet Guide section or check with your Reservation Service Centre.
To drive a truck, do I need a special driving licence?
Most of our trucks can be driven with a standard licence to drive a car. Our staff is at your disposal to give you all details concerning our different truck models.
Can I choose the car/ truck model?
Europcar vehicles may be booked by category only. Unless availability of a specific model has been formally confirmed, Europcar only guarantees the category reserved. Not all car groups and models may be available at all Europcar locations
What vehicles are available in a given station?
"All the vehicles available at a given station are displayed in the “vehicle available” field of the “vehicle and rate information” page of the Reservation screen in our site. The available cars are displayed according to their immediate confirmation or 48h confirmation."
Can you book me a specific vehicle in any station of a given city ?
The car availability displayed only concerns the Europcar station selected in the Rental Information page. Each station has its own fleet and car groups and models availability may vary from a station to another.
Can I have the confirmation of the vehicle I want ?
"If the chosen car is in the immediate booking part, it is automatically confirmed. The confirmation is about the category only. Europcar only guarantees the category reserved and not the model"

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