Knock Airport Information

Knock Airport Security

Knock Airport Security

The Ireland West Airport Knock check-in area is located on the ground floor of the terminal building. Airport authorities recommend arriving 90 minutes in advance of scheduled departures to allow plenty of time for queuing at check-in and security. This goes a long way toward prevent unexpected delays from ruining travel plans. Allowing an additional 30 minutes to drop off a Knock Airport rental car is a good idea, although the process normally takes less time.

While each carrier specifies its own list of rules for carry-on baggage, most airlines limit passengers to one piece which weighs less than 10 kg and can fit into the overhead compartments, along with one personal item such as a notebook computer, purse or briefcase.

As with other airports, any delays in reaching the departure gates at Knock tend to occur around the bottleneck at security. You can facilitate faster clearance by preparing to place in the bins all electronic devices, including mobile phones, jewellery, pocket change and any other metallic items. A passengers carrying on a laptop can also save time by taking it out of its case and opening the lid to reveal the keyboard. It's usually a requirement for passengers to remove coats or jackets for screening, and the same goes for shoes and belts.

One of the most important time-savers to remember is to place all containers of liquids and gels into a single re-sealable clear plastic bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm. EU regulations prohibit the containers from exceeding 100ml in volume. Also prohibited are sharp or pointed items including tools, knives, darts and scissors; flammables; and sports equipment such as cricket bats and billiard cues.