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Perhaps best known for city destinations such as Berlin or Munich, Germany offers much more. In fact, Germany is home to 39 UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Nuschwanstein Castle for example is located to the South West of Munich and offers visitors the opportunity to explore a Romanesque Castle. Located atop a hill, the castle is one of the most popular castle attractions in Europe.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is the third most populous city in Germany. Famous for beautiful architecture, much of which was rebuilt after the end of World War II to such an extent that the centre of Munich appears almost identical to what it would have looked like in 1800. Munich is probably most famous for Oktoberfest, the annual celebration of beer which lasts for 16 days from late September to Early October. What is Oktoberfest today started as a celebration of a royal wedding in 1810, with all other aspects of the celebration but the drinking of beer gradually dropped over time.

Berlin is both the capital of Germany and the largest city in Germany. Berlin is a cosmopolitan city of culture, politics, media, music and sciences. Berlin is one of the most visited cities in Europe, with more than 11million visitors and 27million bed nights in 2013 alone. The key tourist attractions in Berlin are world famous such as the Brandenburg Gate, but there are also hundreds of museums, landmarks and cultural points of interest to be enjoyed.

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Europcar in Germany have 490 car rental stations. These stations cover all International airports and all major urban centres, offering customers car & van rental services on short, medium or long term rental options.

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