The Puck Fair

The Puck Fair

The Puck Fair meaning “Fair of the He-Goat” is regarded as one of Ireland’s oldest fairs which takes place in Kilorgan, County Kerry for three days in August each year. TO begin the fair a group will head into the mountains and bring back a goat to the town and crown him as King Puck, a young schoolgirl will be chosen Queen of the Puck and will be the one to crown the goat. The King will be put in a cage in the centre of town for the duration of the fair before being brought back to the mountains to close the event.

As per tradition horse and cattle fairs will take place over the course of the three days, there are also street vendors throughout the town and live music will be on offer in the many pubs that are granted a special license to stay open until 3 Am during the fair.

The fair can reportedly be traced back to ancient times but is officially only noted as far back as 1603 when King James I issued a charter to give legal status to the existing fair. There are many myths and legends that go along with the origin story, one states that a goat left his herd in the mountains to warn the townspeople of the oncoming Cromwellian army during the conquest of Ireland in the 17th century. It’s most definitely a unique fair that offers a great insight into Ireland’s historic cultures and ongoing love for tradition.

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