Up to % 40 off

Up to 40% OFF

Exclusive Private Sales

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Enjoy up to 40% discount on your holiday in July and September.

Spur of the moment or planned trip ? Book your car for tomorrow or next month with our exclusive private sale.

Book before July 14th and save on your summer holiday car rental!

Why choose Europcar?

  • Rent by hour, day, week or more
  • Driving without the hassle of ownership
  • Go when and where you want
  • Great value rates
  • Cars & vans available nationwide

Terms & Conditions

    1. Offer available under the specific conditions below for pick-ups between 08/07/2019 and 30/09/2019.
    2. Ireland: 10% discount for 2 to 21 rental days. Certain vehicle types (IDAR, IFAR) are excluded from this offer. Offer not available between 1/08/2019-17/08/2019.
    3. This offer is available for a maximum of 30 rental days. Offer available in the listed below participating rental stations:
    4. Australia: 15% discount for a minimum of 4 rental days. Offer not available in North Queensland or Northern Territory. Offer not available between 08/07/2019-21/07/2019 and between 21/09/2019-30/09/2019.
    5. Belgium: 20% discount for bookings made at least 3 days before pick-up and for 5 to 21 rental days. Offer only available for certain vehicle types (ECMR, CCMR, SDMR, SVMR).
    6. France: Up to 30% discount for 5 to 21 rental days: 25% for the check-out period : 08/07/2019-15/08/2019 and 30% for the check-out period : 16/08/2019-30/09/2019. Certain vehicle types are excluded from this offer. Offer not available in Franchisee stations.

    7. Germany: 15% discount for a maximum of 24 rental days. Offer not available between: 08/07/2019-10/08/2019.
    8. Italy: 15% discount for Mini-Eco-Compact vehicles booked a minimum of 7 days before pick-up. Offer only available for 3 to 21 rental days. Offer not available in Sardinia. Offer not available between 02/08/2019-18/08/2019 in Sicily.
    9. New Zealand: 15% discount for a minimum of 4 rental days. Offer not available in Queenstown. Offer not available on the following dates: 08/07/2019-21/07/2019 and 21/09/2019-30/09/2019.
    10. Portugal: Up to 20% discount for 3 to 28 rental days and for bookings made a minimum 7 days before pick-up.
    11. Spain: Up to 40% discount. Highest discount for check-outs in the Canaries. Offer not available between 15/07/2019-15/08/2019 in mainland Spain and Balearics.
    12. United Kingdom: Up to 40% discount for 3 to 20 rental days. Check-out possible until 31.03.2020. Offer not available between 09.12.2019 - 28.12.2019. For more details please click here.

    13. The percentage of reduction is calculated on the basis of the non-reduced price (i.e. the reference price) – filling in the same selection criteria (eg: dates, destination, vehicles, etc…) on the homepage of the following Europcar Internet website : www.europcar.ie. The rate displayed and made available from this page include directly the percentage off.
    14. Promotion does not apply to the recommended extras.
    15. Exclusive offer for cars only, available for bookings between 8th and 14th July placed on Europcar sites (www.europcar.ie, www.europcar.com, www.europcar.de etc.) and Europcar mobile sites (m.europcar.ie, m.europcar.com, m.europcar.de etc.)
    16. All others Rental terms and conditions of the rental country of destination will apply, available here*.