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Finland is fast becoming a popular holiday destination, and the best way to experience this awe inspiring land is by car. Happily, Europcar has 54 locations in Finland, covering most major towns and cities around the country, and ensuring there is always a convenient branch on hand to help with any car hire needs. Each location has access to Europcar's huge fleet of safe and modern vehicles, with a choice of models that can fit almost any kind of use. Choose from options like child seats, satellite navigation and extra driver cover, and services like 3-step online booking and express pick-up, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, long and short term rental.

Whether you are visiting Finland for business or pleasure, taking a hire car is surely the choice that offers the most freedom. Especially in a country that spreads as wide and flat before visitors as Finland does. Where the summer sun rarely sets, if at all, visitors use the extended daylight hours to indulge in exciting outdoor pursuits. Nearly 200,000 lakes can be found around the countryside, all known for their excellent water quality, which allow canoeing, fishing, surfboarding, water-skiing and any other water sports you can imagine, particularly on the great lakes like Saimaa, Inari and Päijänne. There are no mountains in Finland, but the gentle hills, valleys, and deep woods make for enchanting walking and mountain-biking locations during the summer. In the winter, cross-country skiing is popular, and the many ski resorts around the country allow alpine skiers to have some fun. For those more at home away from the outdoors, cities like Helsinki, Tampere and Jyväskylä are known for there distinctive character, architecture and nightlife.

The City of Helsinki – Relatively small, as capital cities go, Helsinki is a lively, bustling, sea-front place, where many of the attractions are maritime related. Sightseeing ferries are a popular choice in the summer, giving tours up and down the magnificent coastline outside of Helsinki's port. The Suomenlinna naval fortress and the nearby islands are other must-see destinations. Sunny whether will see most down on Hietaniemi beach, while the winter time sees people taking walks on the frozen sea. Ice swimming is also a common past time, and some of these spots have saunas.

The home of Father Christmas – Korvatunturi, Lapland, is a covered by a thick pine forest where hundreds of thousands of reindeer roam free. Deep in the woods is known to be the home and workshop of Father Christmas and his gnomes. Reaching the workshop is hard work, for no roads go there but, for those that can't make it, Santa Clause Village in Rovaniemi is far more accessible. This Christmas themed amusement park offers many festive attractions, shops and restaurants.

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  • Easy 3-step online booking: search, select, book
  • Express pick-up service available
  • New, comfortable rental car fleet
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, short and long term car rental
  • Award winning car rental company

Europcar rental locations in Finland

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Kajaani Airport
Address: Kajaani Airport, Kajaani, Finland.
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Kuopio Railway Station
A: Asemakatu 1. 70100, Kuopio, Finland.
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