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In Qatar there are two Europcar locations at present, one in the capital city of Doha and the other in Hamad, or New Doha, International Airport, and both are ready to deliver you our first class car hire services. Useful options such as express pick-up and easy online booking, and extras like child seats, satellite navigation and additional driver cover are available. In addition, Europcar's huge fleet of comfortable and reliable vehicles is always nearby, with a car to suit any budget or requirement, along with the convenience of daily, weekly, monthly, long and short term hire, as well as the experience and expertise that comes with being one of the world's leading car hire firms.

Settlements and tools have been found in Qatar that date human habitation there as far back as 50,000 years ago. A large part of the country consists of low, barren, sand-covered plains, but it's abundance of oil and natural gas deposits make it the wealthiest nation on earth, with none of its two million inhabitants living below the poverty line. What the people of Qatar are most proud of, and they will undoubtedly tell you so, is Doha. And indeed, you can see why. The modern capital, with its spectacular tapering towers, elegant coastal facilities and extravagant malls, makes Doha arguably the finest stopover in the Gulf. But there's more to Qatar than a shopping spree. The whole country, with its noisy and tradition souqs, world-class Museum of Islamic Art, and mystical sand dunes, offers an excellent introduction to the Arab world but without the many of the tensions often associated with the Middle East.

The City of Doha - Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Qatar's capital is the fastest growing and richest city in the land, with over 60% of the nation's population living in the greater Doha area. But, while it would be misleading to represent Doha as a new New York, as much of its new development has been given a heart but hasn’t yet acquired a soul, Doha is nonetheless well on its way to realising the grand vision of its founding fathers. Whether you scare yourself silly looking down from the 84th floor of the Dubai Towers Doha, or sail past the modern skyline from one of the traditional dhow boats in the bay, you can't help but be struck by the impressive scale of Doha's buildings. These new Goliath-like structures capture the obvious sense of prosperity and optimism you feel like electricity when investigating the renovated souqs and the new shopping malls alike, or while watching Doha families strolling the grounds of the city’s opulent parks. While the national cuisine of Qatar is similar to traditional Arab fare, the cosmopolitan nature of the city means that the inhabitants demand a more worldly selection of restaurants, as well as high-end hotels and designer boutiques.

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  • Easy 3-step online booking: search, select, book
  • Express pick-up service available
  • New, comfortable rental car fleet
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, short and long term car rental
  • Award winning car rental company

Europcar rental locations in Qatar

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Doha Airport
Address: Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar.
Phone: +974 40108888
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Doha Downtown
A: Building N°240, C Ring Road,. Doha, Qatar.
Phone: +974 44660677
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