Cannot beat these near London gee-whiz places!

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You love London. Whether you have spent days going all over the city hoping to cross paths with Meghan and Harry in vain, or you’ve been here for business, don’t you think there is more to see and experience?

How about you go for a short drive and escape the city for the day? Hop in your car and discover 5 quintessential English places only 30 minutes away from London

Pretend you are a member of the royal family 

Windsor Castle, home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years, was also the venue where, not long ago, a beautiful American actress tied the knot with the most eligible bachelor on the planet. In Windsor, just 4 miles (6.5 km) from Slough, the Boatman Riverside Restaurant & Gastropub is a definite must lunch stop. Eavesdropping and listening to posh accents will be part of the picture too! Later on, jump on a boat with French Brothers cruises for a trip on the River Thames. Finally, your little getaway would not be complete without experiencing a traditional English tea at Coworth Park: Meadow afternoon tea with its menu offering over 20 varieties of fresh sandwiches, scones, pastries and other treats. You will be spoilt for choice!

Town Hall, St. Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1RF

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Get some colour back into those cheeks 

If you are in London worn out with too many back-to-back meetings, there is no doubt, at some point, you will need to feel like a human being again. We happen to have the ideal location for you. For that, just drive to Richmond Park located 8 miles (12 km) away from the city. Its National Nature Reserve is home to thousands of wildlife species. Bonus: if you can go about and remain quiet, you might even get to see deer herds. 

Richmond TW10 5HS

Refresh your memories of biology

If you are travelling with someone who believes the Earth is flat and refuses to acknowledge that humans evolved from apes, it might be time to take them to Charles Darwin’s house. Discover the scientist’s garden that inspired his revolutionary theories and visit the exhibition where you can learn all about his work. 

Luxted Rd, Downe, Orpington BR6 7JT

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Crash four weddings and maybe attend a funeral 

In Amersham, only 13 miles (21 km) from Watford, make the most of the lovely countryside in the Chiltern Hills. Enjoy a drink at The Crown, a traditional inn featured in a scene from the most famous British romantic comedy. We don’t want to put you in a ghoulish mood, but while you are at it, you could also visit the grave of the last woman to be hanged in Britain. Lastly, before heading back to London, don’t miss the opportunity to dine at the Artichoke restaurant, awarded a ‘Rising Star’ in the 2011 Michelin Guide. 

Address: High Wycombe HP14 4NF

Meet some ghosts and be cool about it 

If you don’t suffer from claustrophobia, how about taking a trip 12.5 miles (20 km) away from London to Chislehurst Caves to explore this 14-acre complex of man-made caves? Both a facility for munitions storage, and a shelter for thousands of people during a vast air raid during the war, they were also used as a music venue in the 60s. But, if you are up for some creepy fun, rumour has it that the caves are haunted… 

Caveside Cl, Chislehurst BR7 5NL


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