The most astonishing street art road trip in Belgium

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If you need proof that Belgium loves street art, go discover this relatively small country. You can’t miss its art proudly displayed everywhere. Plus, you get to impress your followers and increase your visibility by showing them some unique vibrant art. And once you’ve found the great Instagrammable spot, don’t be shy, share away !

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Let your crew know you’re in Belgium

In the old city of Liege, medieval buildings surprisingly co-exist with mural paintings exposed on fences, walls and blind façades. So, make sure your phone is fully charged. It would be a shame to blow off the opportunity to boast that you saw IRL some amazing displays in rue Jean d’Outremeuse or Quai de la Ribuée.

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Reveal your hidden street credibility to your followers

Next stop, Hasselt, 59 km north of Liege. Ever since you were punished because you drew on your parents’ kitchen walls, you’ve been obsessed with art and pencils. That’s why you need to explore Dorpsstraat, Schippersstraat, Ankerstraat or Koekerellenpad, some of the must-see streets filled with great art. Besides, you will be able to indulge into your life’s other passion: selfies with fabulous backgrounds.

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Referee Blowing A Whistle Paint On Walls From Housing Demolition Site


Time to awaken your inner artist

82 km west, Brussels is home to both the European Parliament and an impressive art scene. After checking out rue Ravensetein, Place Stéphanie or 2 Quai des Péniches, you’ll run to the nearest shop to splurge on stencils and cans of spray paints.

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Give them a sneak peek of what’s cool

Only 46 km away from the Belgium capital, Antwerp is a hotspot for street art. There, artists gather at the Kronenburg neighbourhood or in Meatpack, a converted warehouse turned into a hub for creative minds. Make sure you’re up to date with your urban art lexicon as these people don’t kid around when it comes to graffiti art.

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Young Woman With Camera Phone Photographing Graffiti On Urban Wall

Prove them art belongs to the people

Drive another 60 km to Ghent. We suggest you revise your Space Painting technique because in Werregarenstraatje and Grindbakken, you are free to spray, paint and graffiti. In case you don’t have your gear with you, you can just stare at the gigantic mural painting on Predikherenlei and Van Stopenberghestraat.

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