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Book by Monday 10th February to secure up to 50% on selected rentals until 30th June 2020.

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Terms & Conditions

    1. Offer available under the specific conditions below for pick-ups between 08/02 - 30/06/2020 included.
    2. Offer available for bookings made between 08/02 - 10/02/2020 included for the majority of the categories of Europcar vehicles placed on the dedicated promotional page on Europcar Internet sites (www.europcar.com, www.europcar.be, www.europcar.de, www.europcar.es, www.europcar.fr, www.europcar.it, www.europcar.pt, www.europcar.co.uk, www.europcar.com.au, www.europcar.ie), Europcar mobile sites (m.europcar.com, m.europcar.be, m.europcar.de, m.europcar.es, m.europcar.fr, m.europcar.it, m.europcar.pt, m.europcar.co.uk, m.europcar.com.au, m.europcar.ie).
    3. Offer available in the listed below participating rental stations, under the following restrictions, and in the following countries:
    4. Australia: 20% discount for a minimum of 4 rental days. Offer not available from 08/02/2020 to 15/03/2020 and 15/06/2020 to 30/06/2020. Offer available for certain vehicle types.

      Belgium: 35% discount for 3 to 21 rental days. Book you vehicle a minimum of 3 days before pick-up to benefit from this offer.

      Denmark: 30% discount.               

      Finland: 35% off for bookings made a minimum of 2 days in advance.

      France: 25% discount for certain vehicles types. Offer not available in some Franchisee stations. Offer not available for pick-up: Thursday to Saturday in February outside Ile de France region, 11.02 - 29.02 in Ile de France region, and during the following periods in all France:

      15/03/20-31/03/20, 09/04/20-12/04/20, 30/04/20-03/05/20, 07/05/20-10/05/20, 20/05/20-24/05/20, 28/05/20-01/06/20."

      Germany: 25% discount for up to 24 rental days. Offer not available for pick-up in certain stations in Munich and Berlin from 04/04/20 to 18/04/20.

      Ireland: 16% discount for 2 to 21 rental days. Offer not available for pick-up from 08/04/20 to 12/04/20.

      Italy: Up to 30% discount for 3 to 21 rental days and bookings made at least 3 days before pick-up. 20% off for pick-ups from 08/02/20 to 31/03/20, 30% off for pick-ups from 01/04/20 to 30/06/20. Offer only available for certain vehicle types. Offer not available for pick-ups from: 04/04/20-13/04/20, 24/04/20-03/05/20, and 29/05/20-02/06/20.     

      New Zealand: 20% discount for a minimum of 4 rental days. Offer not available from 09/04/20 to 13/04/20.

      Portugal: 35% discount for 3 to 28 rental days and bookings made at least 7 days before pick-up.

      Spain: Up to 50% discount for a maximum of 29 rental days. 20%off for pick-ups between 08/02/20-29/02/20, 01/04/20-13/04/20, and 01/05/20-30/06/20. 30% off: 01/03/20-31/03/20 and 45% off: 14/04/20-30/04/20

      United Kingdom: Up to 20% discount for 3 to 20 rental days. Offer available for pick-ups until 30th September. Offer not available for pick-ups between: 08/04/20 and 13/04/20. Highest discount for bookings made 7 days in advance, and of 5 to 20 rental days. 

    5. Offer subject to vehicles availability.
    6. Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or special offer.
    7. The percentage of reduction is calculated on the basis of the non-reduced price (i.e. the reference price) – filling in the same selection criteria (eg: dates, destination, vehicles, etc…) on the homepage of the following Europcar Internet website: www.europcar.com. The rate displayed and made available from this page include directly the percentage off.
    8. Promotion does not apply on the recommended extras.
    9. All others Rental terms and conditions of the rental country of destination will apply, available here.